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Floral water - organic Roman chamomile

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The hydrosol is the condensation of the vapor which was used during the distillation of essential oils. It is an aromatic product that has unique therapeutic and olfactory properties.

Organic Roman chamomile floral water gently acts on the skin. It is recognized for its anti-inflammatory, soothing, antioxidant and calming properties. It relieves skin irritations such as rosacea, redness, allergic reactions, hives, etc. By its astringent action, it purifies the skin. Chamomile water is perfect for babies.

Skin types: all skin types.


Spray on clean, dry skin.

Spray on hair to bring out the blonde highlights and natural highlights.

Add a spoon in baby's bath water to soften the skin.

For external use only.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Reusable glass container.

Store at room temperature in a cool, dark place for 6 months.

No preservatives or chemicals.

100 ml


chamamel um nobile flower water