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Soleil de plomb
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Soleil de plomb , a creation of gentle hand-made soaps with precious vegetable oils. A complex of oils and butters that can vary from one batch to another but is mainly composed of argan oil, avocado, hemp, coconut, olive, sunflower and shea butter with moisturizing and exfoliating benefits that nourish your skin. Make its use a ritual.

The perfumes are based on precious essential oils (sandalwood, Damascus rose, mandarin, jasmine, ylang ylang).

Fragrances always refer to citrus fruits, sea breeze, forest walk.

Use of natural mineral colors (ochres, oxides, micas)

Soaps are presented in gift wrapping.

Ingredients after saponification:

Shea * Virgin olive oil * Coconut * Mango butter

* Grapeseed oil *

sunflower oil * Almond oil *

hemp oil * Argan oil *. Water, Glycerin **

Mineral dyes Mica titanium dioxide

CI77019, CI7789. Essential oils citrus,

cherries, lavender, thuja, eucalyptus,

wood tea, limonene ** (allergen) linalool

** (allergen)

* From organic farming **

Present naturally